Share The new repository of Netskills content for you to take, use and remix... for free

What is Share?

Share is an active repository. It contains content that we create and use to support and enable the education community to make effective, sustainable and innovative use of technology.

As well as simply making this content freely available for you to access, we hope that you will be inspired to adapt and build on it as part of your activities. We also encourage you to share anything you create in the same way, so it might benefit others.

What will I find in Share?

Share contains a wide selection of our in-depth workshop material and all of our web2practice guides.

You can take away any combination of presentations, primers and practical exercises and use them for teaching, training or simply to brush up your own skills.

As Share grows we will be adding briefing papers and other resources, covering topics and technologies relevant to both our work and that of the communities, organisations and individuals we work with.

Share will also become the new home for many of the outputs from our consultancy and support activities.

How can I access and use Share?

Share is free to access and use.

To start browsing the contents, pick one of the top-level categories and explore!

Wherever possible we have made the content inside Share available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licence.

In simple terms this means that if you use content from Share – or create something new from it – all we ask is that:

  • You don't use it commercially
  • You attribute us (Jisc Netskills) as the source of the content
  • If you choose to share anything you have created using our content, you do so under the same terms

That should cover what most people will need, however if you would like to use our content for anything not covered here, please drop us a line and we'll happily try and work something out for you.