An Introduction to Instructional Design for eLearning

10:00 - 16:00 Thursday 17 March 2011
15 Bartholomew Row, Birmingham,New Technology Institute, Birmingham City University

Instructional design when applied effectively, will enable you to create high-impact, e-learning focussing specifically on your learner and their experience, which some might say is the "holy grail" of e-learning.
This workshop explains methodologies behind effective Instructional Design, demonstrates how to use specific and appropriate development tools and provides strategies and techniques to support the iterative process of Instructional Design.
This workshop will enable developers and practitioners to effectively design, plan, implement and deliver better quality e-learning materials with high-impact results. All attendees will be required to take part in a pre-event briefing and online discussion through Elluminate, one-week before the workshop.

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