Maximising Online Resource Effectiveness guide published

New resources, written by JISC Netskills, have been published to help web managers across institutions make best use of their online resources.

The reports, guides and case studies summarise key principles in maximizing your online effectiveness. They present a condensed version of the highly successful series of workshops commissioned by the Strategic Content Alliance (SCA) and undertaken by JISC Netskills in 2010.

Titled ‘Maximising Online Resource Effectiveness’ (MORE), the workshops demonstrated techniques to improve the visibility of web content, such as good structure, effective web writing, metadata, microformats, RDFa and the potential of the social web.

Wider reach

George Munroe, Consultant Trainer who wrote the guide, explained how the resources arose from the positive feedback received from workshop attendees.

The SCA realised that the messages about producing, maintaining and promoting content were relevant far beyond the 200 or so people able to attend the workshops, he said.

We decided to summarise the principles addressed in the workshops and disseminate them more widely as a standalone document.

Well received

The guide has been well received by the target audience of web practitioners and decision-makers.

Nick Poole, CEO of Collections Trust, gave an extremely positive review of the guide in a blog post.

So would I recommend this to the budding web manager or middle-manager in a museum, library or archive? Yes, I would. It’s lively, well-written (almost journalistic in places) rarely patronising and frequently practically useful, he wrote.

Case studies

Along with the guide, the team wrote a series of case studies which outline the post-workshop actions of ten institutions.

According to George, the work will continue:

We'll be doing more MORE, either as Netskills workshops or SCA programmes, and involving other partners with expertise in very specific areas, he said.

We have a workshop in June and a new schedule to announce over the summer. We'll also be seeking some feedback from webmasters at the Institutional Web Manager Workshop 2011 in July.

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